Proactol XS Review

It would be fair to say that fat binders are the “big thing” on the market at the moment, with the science behind them undisputed.

In the case of Proactol XS the claims are particularly interesting and with some past patients losing over 160lbs after taking the product, it goes without saying that it has hit the market with a storm.

The Breakdown on Proactol XS

  • Proactol XS is based on fat binding principles; with the concoction of ingredients making it impossible for certain fats to be digested. In short, this means that you are consuming less calories, and putting on less weight.
  • Unlike rival products, it’s very easy to consume Proactol XS and you simply take two pills a day; both before dinner. It won’t make a difference to your daily activities.
  • It also doesn’t have to make a difference to your pocket. Even if you don’t like your experiences with Proactol XS, the manufacturers offer a 30 day money-back guarantee with the product.
  • It has already been found that the product can bind up to 800 times its own weight in fat. This means that there are very few fats that it can’t bind to, making the weight loss potential terrific for you.
  • If we are to put it into perspective, studies have concluded that Proactol XS is 33% better than rival fat binding products. Proactol XS is made by Marlia Health, the leading UK based dietary supplements manufacturer.

Proactol XS Cons

  1. Even though it is backed scientifically and does have positive customer feedback, some buyers might prefer to purchase a product that has been on the shelves a little longer.
  2. If you are breastfeeding, you should check with your doctor to ensure it is safe to use.

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Proactol XS – How Does it Work?

Just like all fat binders, Proactol XS prevents the body from absorbing fats. The main difference between Proactol XS and rival products is the inclusion of Chitosan though, with this able to bind fat up to 800 times its weight.

As such, it is able to prevent huge amounts from being absorbed, which will in turn reduce your calorie intake tremendously.

We don’t need to say that when you are consuming fewer calories, your body fat will start to reduce and you’ll have that physique which we all crave.

Will Proactol XS Work For You?

This question can be answered in similar fashion to the previous one and we’ll again focus on the fact that Proactol XS can bind up to 800 times its weight in fat. Scientific studies have proven that this is the case and for us, this is sufficient evidence that it will help you shed the pounds.


From a slightly different perspective, you could also look at some of the feedback from previous customers. While this industry might have a few testimonials that are barely believable, the fact that Proactol XS has a huge social media following means that this is unlikely to be the case.

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It also means that we can believe the stories of men losing over 163lbs, and countless women dropping five or six dress sizes whilst using the product.

Does Proactol XS Have Side Effects?

The manufacturers of Proactol XS have opted to only use natural components and this means that the chances of any adverse effects occurring are zero.

Proactol XS Price and Where to Buy it

With Proactol XS starting at £24.95, few would disagree that it is retailed at a hugely competitive price. Furthermore, there are considerable discounts arriving when you purchase the product for 90 days at a time.

It’s at this point you will pay just £124.95, which prompts significant savings.

You can buy ProactolXS from the official website right over here.

Proactol XS Review Summary

Any product that has science, customer reviews and a money back guarantee is always worthwhile in our eyes.

This is exactly the case with Proactol XS and with the studies already highlighting that it’s better than rival product, this is certainly an item that we’d recommend if you are looking to lose weight.

It would be fair to say that fat binders are the “big thing” on the market at the moment, with the science behind them undisputed.

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