Does Proactol XS Work – My Results with Proactol XS

Does Proactol XS Work – Life Change Anyone? 

Well well well does Proactol XS actually work… below is a 6 week table of how I kept shedding weight. Now I am much more lighter and healthier so I can happily say that Proactol XS does work, and I shall keep taking this miracle stuff until I reach my desired weight goals. (Not Too Long Left)

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So while I decided to track my weight with Proactol XS and see if this stuff really works… I thought I’d experiment by eating fairly normally and doing a little bit of exercise per week (Probably not near enough of how much I’m supposed to do) but I just wanted to test the product out in different aspects.

As mentioned in my previous posts I was taking Proactol Plus and did manage to lose some weight with it but these results are from the new and improved Proactol XS.

Let’s just say the new and improved version of Proactol is MUCH BETTER!

Anyway I was blown away with the results of this magical stuff and of how easy it was as I lost an amazing 12 pounds within one month! Check out my results:

My Weight Before Starting With Proactol XS:

  • Pounds: 202 lb
  • Kilograms: 94.1 kg
  • Stones:  14.6
Week My Weight Pounds Lost
Week 1 Pounds: 198lb
KG: 90.1
Stones: 14.2
Week 2 Pounds: 195lb
KG: 87.1
Stones: 13.9
Week 3 Pounds: 193lb
KG: 85.1
Stones: 13.7
Week 4 Pounds: 190lb
KG: 82.1
Stones: 13.4
Week 5 Pounds: 188lb
KG: 80.1
Stones: 13.2
Week 6 Pounds: 185lb
KG: 77.1
Stones: 12.9

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Proactol XS – Is It Safe?

Well as I feel absolutely fantastic so I can say it is safe, but let me get into more details, as Proactol XS uses a non-animalProactol XS Safe based ingredient Chitosan now, the product is considered very safe. In fact it is now suitable for vegans and vegetarians. This product is ideal for healthy adults who want to lose weight, I was overweight and managed to lose a substantial amount of weight leaving me more healthy than ever.

I wouldn’t advise using this product if you are pregnant or breastfeeding and I would advise this product to be used for adults only. Other than that Proactol XS claim to be 100% safe, allergen free medical supplement for you to take to lose weight.

Proactol XS Conclusion – Is It Recommended? 

That’s Exactly How Much I Lost In A Month

YES! Of course I recommend this product to help my fellow overweight people lose weight, it’s why I created this blog, to open your eyes,  just take a look at my results again to motivate you this can happen to you also! Proactol XS is a powerful weight loss solution that WILL HELP you lose weight. I have also written an in-depth review on Proactol XS check it out out here.

Here is a list of some of the pains I went through before my amazing personal trainer introduced me to Proactol XS.

  • Back Pain
  • High Blood Pressure
  • High Cholesterol
  • Low Energy
  • Frequently Out Of Breath
  • Nasty Food Cravings

I had all of these issues prior to taking Proactol XS and I can honestly say that I have made a huge improvement in my life and it’s because I took action in actually listening to the advise given to me by my personal trainer, I too was sceptical at the beginning, but gosh did I make the right choice in ordering it. If you guys need any advise or help on trying Proactol XS for yourself then do not hesitate to drop me a comment and I will happily get back to you as soon as I can.

Unfortunately Proactol XS is not available in shops at the moment (I don’t know why)! But ordering Proactol XS from the official site was completely hassle free and the delivery was super fast.

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Kelly Smith x

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